Chapter 4: The Mechanics of the Mind

To understand how the reactive mind can command you without you knowing it, let’s take a look at what happens during hypnosis.

Now, Dianetics is NOT hypnotism, but examining how hypnosis works will demonstrate that there is a part of the mind below your awareness which contains data that can control you

When a hypnotist installs a positive suggestion in an unconscious subject, he can make that person unknowingly act irrationally. Anyone who has been hypnotized has been placed in a state of partial unconsciousness. Once in that state, the hypnotist installs a command that will later control the person’s thoughts or behaviour.

The person has no idea this command exists. But something he later sees or hears will unknowingly trigger that command. This person will now follow that hidden command without ever being aware that he is doing so.

Notice that his analytical mind is trying to explain or justify his irrational behaviour.

The analytical mind must always be right. When it’s faced with irrational behaviour, it will justify it.

Here we have someone who is at first acting sanely, is then given a hypnotic command and then temporarily acts irrationally.

No matter how foolish the command is, he’ll carry it out one way or another.

For instance, he could have been told that every time he sees a taxi cab, he’s being pestered by a swarm of mosquitoes.

He could have been told to sneeze whenever he hears the word “rug.

He can be told that all women adore him and he’ll believe it’s true.

Any suggestion will operate like a direct order without his being aware of it and will make him act irrationally – until the suggestion is released by the hypnotist.

Just like a hypnotist installs commands in a subject, engrams install hidden commands in the reactive mind. The words and phrases heard during moments of unconsciousness are faithully recorded into your reactive mind along with their pain. And, like hypnotic suggestions, these recordings can later control the way you think, the way you act and the way you feel – without you knowing it.

Next, we’ll take a closer look at one woman’s engram and see exactly what happens when it becomes re-activated later in her life and why.

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