What is the Mind?

I’ve heard about Dianetics few years ago from a family member and I was even given L. Ron Hubbard’s book “Dianetics” and accompanying DVD, but the “strange” name Dianetics and the sheer size of the book scared me off. Clearly it wasn’t my time to get acquainted with Dianetics.


A few years later when health problems of my family member and my personal problems became unbearable I started to desperately look for the answers and possible solutions, but to no avail.


My thinking became muddled. Confusion set in and making any decision was a nightmare.


Many times I’ve heard that this condition has something to do with the human mind, and “we have to change (renew) our mind.” But what is the mind? How does it operate? That was still to be found out.


One day when I was busy doing some work on my PC, I paused and started taking stock of my situation: countless visits to the doctors, counsellors and help from well-wishing friends who never brought me closer to the answer.


When I was pondering on the impossibility of the situation, all of a sudden I remembered the Dianetics Foundation I was told about. Immediately I “googled it” and came by its website and a few clicks later I’ve found the info on Pretoria’s Dianetics Foundation.


To my surprise the Dianetics Foundation was located very close to my home and now there was no excuse to pay them a visit.


Next day I drove straight there and was greeted at the reception by the friendly staff members, and asked for the reason of my visit, to which I casually replied, “Just to look around.” After a 2 or 3 minutes of “looking around” a man introducing himself as Anthony approached me asking if he can be of any help to me.


He probably noticed that I wasn’t sure what to ask for, so he invited me for an hour of introduction to explain the functioning and the goals of Dianetics.


When I heard of Dianetics and its purpose I knew that’s what I was looking for. In no time I decided to buy a few auditing sessions and walked out with the Hubbard’s previously scary “thick” (Dianetics) book and set of DVD’s “How to use Dianetics”. After starting to watch a DVD and learning about the mind and how it works and how it affect our every action I knew it was the piece information I was lacking and desperately looking for.


During auditing sessions I’ve found out that my life and the life of peoples around me was run by painful incidents in the past. No wonder that no matter what we did, the events and problems kept repeating itself with no chance of any change or getting rid of them.


After 30-40 hours of auditing sessions, my life started to change. Only the fact of knowing what and why the things are happening to you is very liberating. It gives you hope and realistic expectation that life doesn’t have to be that difficult, that there is a reason for everything, that problems can be overcome and the life can be fully lived.


My mind became clearer, confusion is clearing off and decision taking is easier and less fearful.


I can’t help but to mention that one of the biggest benefits of studying Dianetics is the change of attitude towards other human beings. Knowing what the real cause of every “unreasonable” human behaviour is makes it easier to be compassionate and forgiving knowing that only lack of knowledge (of knowing themselves) cause them to err.


As the auditing sessions went on, I bought a few books and DVD’s recommended by Anthony which are very practical and cover (by providing “know how”) broad spectrum of our daily life, complementing the knowledge acquired during the auditing sessions.


Thank you Dianetics!


– Z. T.

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